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Made For Walkin’: How To Choose The Perfect Shoe For Travelling Part 1


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When you’ve got your trip all planned out and you’re ready to see the world, a less-exciting but important part of the whole thing is left to be done – packing.

Although most people focus on clothing items, and do the research of their chosen location very thoroughly to insure that they won’t be cold or hot, they usually skip leaving enough time for choosing the right shoes for their trip.

As travelling usually involves a lot of walking, you have to be certain that your precious feet will be comfortable and well-adapted for the terrain. Therefore, here a couple of essential pair of shoes, perfect for different kinds of travelling adventures.


If you’re going to hike and walk on terrains to which your footsies aren’t adjusted (jungles, deserts, mountains), boost are a must. They will keep your feet safe from creepy-crawlies and the weather, while also keeping your ankles stable so you can go exploring with an unworried-mind.

Walking Shoes

Sightseeing involves at least some amount of walking, even if you’re going by a vehicle of some sort to those locations.

Either way, a comfortable, quality pair of walking shoes that have a solid support should be on your feet.

This is the pair you will be wearing for the majority of the time on your trip, so make sure that they’re the right pair for you.

When it comes to the model and the design of this pair, aim to find something that can easily be paired up with different outfits so you’ll be ready for anything.

Sandals And Other Flat “Breathable” Shoes

Who needs boots on a beach? If you’re going on some exotic vacation, and you’re not planning on doing anything more difficult than walking to an open bar or a museum, sandals are the perfect choice. Let your feet breathe and enjoy the surroundings like the rest of your body will. Don’t keep them caged unless you like your feet boiled.