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Made For Walkin’: How To Chose The Perfect Shoe For Travelling Part 2


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When you’ve got your trip all planned out and you’re ready to see the world, a less-exciting but important part of the whole thing is left to be done – packing. Although most people focus on clothing items, and do the research of their chosen location very thoroughly to insure that they won’t be cold or hot, they usually skip leaving enough time for choosing the right shoes for their trip.

As travelling usually involves a lot of walking, you have to be certain that your precious feet will be comfortable and well-adapted for the terrain. Therefore, here a couple of essential pair of shoes, perfect for different kinds of travelling adventures.

The Activity Shoe

The activity shoe should be way more than just your ordinary walking shoe. Activity footwear should be chosen carefully for the special activity you plan on doing on your trip.

In other words, you won’t wear this shoe at all time – but you will be really sorry if you don’t pack it.

Whether you plan on running, dancing, hiking, working out, going out, make sure to have one pair per activity.

You can’t really go hiking in heels, and you definitely can’t go out in a fancy restaurant in your gym shoes.

The Naked Shoe

This type of shoe is reserved for those people who are going somewhere hot and exotic only. So, if your itinerary says you’re going to spend a lot of time on the beach, lounging in the sun and swimming like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll be really happy you brought your flip-flops or some other type of “outdoor slipper.”

They’re also a great accessory when staying in accommodations of all sorts, as you can walk around in your room in them and even take a shower in them. It doesn’t have to do anything with the level of cleanliness of the lodge – it’s more of a control thing.