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Manchester Terror Attacks 2017: Is It Safe To Travel To UK?


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After the horrible terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert this week, and with deadly attacks just outside of London’s Parliament several months back, many US citizens (and other possible visitors from across the globe) are now wondering how safe Britain is at the moment.

Since the police in London and across the UK are treating these attacks as “acts of terrorism,” it is pretty natural to reconsider your visit to this European country.

Especially since the latest attacks have apparently raised the UK terror threat level, which is currently at its “critical” point, according to The Sun.

However, does this really mean that you shouldn’t visit The Great Britain at the moment?

Living Inside A Safety Bubble Is NOT The Answer

According to Brianna Glenn, owner of Milk & Honey Travel, you don’t want to cancel your Europe trip.

In her recent interview for Fox News, she said the following:

“I have people going to London next month, and they’ll come to me and ask me about cancelling, and what are the risks. I’ll discuss it with them,” Glenn said.

“But we have to be realistic and understanding that safety can’t be accurately predicted. We have to be sensible about risks, but I don’t want them to cheat themselves and live inside a safety bubble.”

David Scowsill, the president and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), agrees with Brianna Glenn and states that his organization is “deeply saddened by the attacks” but knows the UK will remain strong.

“England and London specifically are very resilient tourism destinations. We do not expect this isolated incident to have an impact on people’s decision to travel to the country nor its capital,” said Scowsill.

Your thoughts?