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Meet The Pacific Wonders Of Vanuatu


Photo credit: Depositphotos

While most people would opt out for Australia, there is another amazing place hiding in the Pacific Ocean. That place is Vanuatu, a group of over 80 islands there to provide relaxation and an exotic adventure to all who visit it.

Welcome To Fun Island

Vanuatu is riddled with rainforests and beaches, but is also equipped with great hotels, restaurants, and the traditional Pacific-style hospitality.

While there aren’t many hostels here, you can still find budget hotels for a fair price of $40-60.

As for food, local meals go for around $15, while a hotel dinner typically costs from $40-50.

One of the best things Vanuatu has to offer is transportation.

There are various ways to get around, while there are available bus tours for all those who wish to visit some of Vanuatu’s most popular sites.

The Ultimate Exotic Experience

Vanuatu is an exotic set of islands, which means you’re in for everything that comes with exotic islands. This includes scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, and fishing, but also adrenaline-packed and relaxing activities.


Photo credit: Flickr/Roderick Eime

For thrill-seekers, we suggest ziplining in the Vanuatu jungle. Rushing at over 100 miles per hour over an 80-meter deep abyss is definitely something that will make your heart pound like crazy.

Alternatively, there are many things to do here for those who wish to enjoy in a care-free vacation. Visiting Port Vila, Vanuatu’s capital is just one of those things, as it is a monument of the country’s colonial history.

Bottom line, Vanuatu is a place of many wonders. If you’re looking for a perfect vacation spot in the Pacific area, you’re bound to have a great time in Vanuatu.