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Millionaire Renting Out Rooms in His London Villa: Pay What You Can Afford!


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Want to live in London but can’t quite afford the rent? Looking for a place to stay over the next couple of months?

If yes, you just might be Rupert Hunt’s perfect roommate in his 15-bedroom mansion between Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane.

Founder of is looking for roommates to live in two of his spare bedrooms.

One bedroom is in the basement of the villa and it comes with its very own en-suite, while the other room is on the first floor and has its own toilet.

Hunt says he doesn’t have any specific requirements as “you can’t predict who will make the best flatmates”, although presently he shares the house with “a small mouse, a bear, two peacocks, and various other birds and animals”.

The rent? It’s pay what you can afford, as Rupert wants to find the right people to live with and knows that the rent in the area where the house is located would “price some people out”. Even if you’re just volunteering and can only afford £100 per month, Rupert doesn’t mind at all!