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New Orleans: The Voodoo Capital Of America

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

No other city has that temperamental, saucy flavor like New Orleans.

Located in southeastern Louisiana, New Orleans is one of the major ports in the States and is well-known across the world for numerous things: the phenomenal mix of French and African cuisine, for it being the birthplace of jazz, for its annual festivals and celebrations (the most-known being Mardi Gras) and historic architecture, but the first thing that usually comes to people’s minds when they think about this location is still controversial to this day.

New Orleans is most definitely the voodoo capital of America, and that’s one of the charms that keep on calling travelers to come and visit.

The Crescent City has been through a lot. It has suffered plagues, devastating floods, wars and imperial regime changes.

You can feel the history oozing out of every pore of the city, filling you with humbleness. What is one man’s life compared to the thousand lives this city has lived?

If you are interested in the occult or what seems like occult (because Voodoo is really a religion like any other in a way), New Orleans is your dream place probably. New Orleans Voodoo, also known as Louisiana Voodoo, is a set of religious underground practices, which originated from the African continent and it’s a cultural form of Afro-American religions which developed within the Creole, French and Spanish speaking African American population of the state of Louisiana.

Even though Voodoo is a term that is known by all, you will rarely find a person who is willing to speak openly about it with strangers, especially nosy tourists, so be respectful even if you’re only curious.

The city and its soul are never quite predictable, so if you do decide to feel the Voodoo charm and taste that heavenly delicious food, keep in mind that the best preparation for visiting New Orleans is no preparation at all. Go with the city’s flow, relax, party and enjoy life.