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Nicaragua – Where Nature Meets Travel


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Central America hasn’t really been at the top of the list for many travelers in the past, probably due to political and civil crisis and devastating earthquakes. But now that the dust has settled, one country rises above to meet incoming journeymen with open arms – Nicaragua.

The Time Is Now

Nicaragua is one of those countries that still look like a place stuck in the age of dinosaurs.

With lush forests and vast plains, this destination is certain to attract more and more attention in the near future.

That’s why it should be visited as soon as possible and before its prices smash through the ceiling.

As for now, a double room at a hostel averages around $25, while single-bed dorm rooms can be found for $6-12.

As far as eating goes, Nicaragua offers many choices in cuisine. From $2 meals you can buy in the street to $5 dishes available at restaurants, the food usually includes chicken, rice, beans, pork, and cabbage.

Find Your Way

Whether you choose to stay in Managua, the capital of the country, or a more remote place like the Ometepe Island, where two volcanoes join to create perfect hiking paths, we promise you won’t ever get bored in Nicaragua.

The fact that the country is surrounded by both the Carribean and the Pacific make Nicaragua a perfect spot for relaxing on the beach, fishing, or checking out the Masaya markets where traders from around the continent come to sell their wares.