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Oregon Coast Trip: Places To Visit

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

The Oregon Coast is one of the trendiest summer USA destinations every year. Every summer, millions of tourists visit the quaint seaside towns and serene marinas, searching for an energy recharge and peaceful state of mind. The Oregon Coast is stretched over 350 miles of land, full of charming towns and lovely people.

Astoria and its historical attractions

Astoria is a dreamy, nostalgic place which embraces both the old and the modern. Everywhere you go, you can see stretches of sand with towering dunes, amazing ocean views and breathe in the fresh ocean air.

Astoria Column crowns the town for panoramic views of the entire region, the Columbia River Maritime Museum tells the story if the Northwest’s seagoing history in an fresh, engaging way and Fort Clatsop will take you back 200 years ago, when America’s most famous explorers spent the winter there.

Tilamook: the place for eating cheese

TIlamook Indians gave the town its name, and it means “Land of many waters.”

The coast is shaped like a cape, and apart from that, Tilamook is famous for its local cheese.

Whatever you eat, make sure you eat it with that cheese. The town sits in a valley of pastures between coastal mountains and the sea.

It has a lush and serene countryside and it’s the best Oregon Coast town for just thinking about life… while eating the cheese of course.

Tiny Yachats

Yachats is a tiny seaside town, surreal in it beauty and calm in its atmosphere. It has several gourmet restaurants, which is kind of odd for a place of that size. It’s the perfect place for chilling from a road trip and just enjoying the view.

Bandon’s otherworldly beaches

Go down the stairs that lead you to the soft sand of Bandon’s beaches and enjoy a bottle of wine while looking at the looming massive rocks in the water. If you’re fan of gold you might as well take a swing or two in Bandon dunes Golf Resort.

Funky Manzanita

This tiny town has a funky, offbeat vibe to it and one of the greatest pizza’s you’ll ever eat. The population is 598 and the town is only two hours from Portland. There are a few beach cottages and inns, a café, a bookstore, a small grocery and a pizza joint.

Manzanita is built in the New Urbanism style, which has caused it to become quite the trendsetter.