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Overcoming The Annoying Jet Lag – What To Do During The Flight


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Jet lag is a “physical reaction to a rapid change in time zones. It affects most travelers, including seasoned fliers like flight attendants and pilots.

Common symptoms include disorientation, irritability, fatigue, swollen limbs and eyes, headaches, cold-like symptoms, and irregular bowels,” and as Independent Traveler also states, it is quite a “debilitating experience”.

However, there are certain tricks that can help you recover and adjust to the new time zone more quickly.

During The Flight Activities

The best way to deal with jet lag is to prevent it and make sure you treat your body well during the flight.

Make sure you stay hydrated. Drink only non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated fluids and always have enough water on you.

Keep your body busy by get up out of your seat every once in a while to walk and stretch.

You can even do some exercises, regardless of a few weird looks you might end up getting. Think toe raises, stomach crunches, lounges, or shoulder shrugs. These will definitely keeps your blood flowing.

If you are traveling with a companion, ask for a massage.