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Pack Smart, Winter Edition – Pack A Good Hat


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Winter is coming. It is time to plan your winter vacation, and one of the most important things about it is to know how to pack smart for a winter trip.

The trick is actually to think about the essentials – don’t pack too much stuff, always dress in layers, and don’t forget to pack a hat and gloves.

These are the basics, but let’s delve a bit deeper into all the details about packing for a nice winter vacation.

A Hat can make all the Warm Difference

Hats are definitely the secret to staying warm and steering clear from getting ill. Wherever you go, and no matter how long you are planning to stay, a warm hat is a must.

But what makes a good hat? Here are main things a good winter travel hat should be able to do:

  • It should covers your ears nicely
  • It should partly cover the back of your neck
  • It should be made of a material that provides maximum warmth
  • Fluffball on top of it is optional

Jokes aside, find a nice hat that meets these requirements and make it your hat.