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Packing Smart – What Not To Bring


Photo credit: Depositphotos

How many times did you come back from a vacation and realized you never used half the stuff you packed?

I know, too many times.

Even though we always try to bring only the essentials, somehow we end up with a suitcase so stuffed that you can’t even lift it from the ground, let alone put it up there in the overhead compartment.

There is always a struggle deciding which clothes to pack, which gadgets to bring along, or is it really necessary to bring your whole bathroom supplies on your trip.

If this is your struggle, you are not alone, which is why decided to try and give you some tips on how to pack lightly for your next vacation. Here goes:

  • Don’t pack all your toiletries –Let loose a bit when you travel. You don’t always have to look like the best version of you. Nobody knows you there, romp, be adventurous and have fun.
  • Don’t pack more clothes than you actually need – This one is crucial as clothes are bulky and tend to fill up your suitcase rather easily, thus reducing the space for other things. Lighten your load significantly by taking only the clothes you are actually going to wear.
  • Don’t bring stuff you can buy there – Ok, we know that things you can bring from home are more expensive at your destination, but you can always make a list of certain things you can buy there so your suitcase doesn’t crack open during your flight.

Plan ahead.