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Paris: Overrated Or Not?

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Paris is in your bucket list, and you know it. Whether it’s because you think it’s perfect and want to bask in its perfection or because you think it’s actually awful and want to tell everyone you were right (ha!), you just have to see it for yourself. The question of the hour is: is Paris overrated?

City of love? We don’t think so. It may seem so in movies, but really, if you’re in love – it doesn’t matter where you are. It only matters with whom you are.

It seems to us that Paris was named the city of love because it was most convenient at some point for some movie, or something. We didn’t develop that theory in full, don’t judge.

Paris is breathtakingly beautiful, really, it is. But we are not the only ones who think so.

Every year 28 million tourists cram into the city and pretty much ruin everything. So, when you do decide to visit Paris, keep that in mind and try not to go during May, June or July.

Also, don’t go sightseeing in peak hour and try to do things real Parisians are doing. We don’t mean going to work if you obviously don’t work in Paris, or strolling the baby if you don’t have a baby. Stealing babies is bad.

Don’t forget to bring a lot of money. Seriously, that pace is expensive. Try to spend money only on necessities; that means you don’t need a fancy hotel or dining every night in a elite restaurant.

Ordinary people with ordinary jobs live in Paris, too, so try to figure out where do they go out. and yes, people do think the French are rude, but you would be rude too if you couldn’t get to your job on time because there was a flock of tourist blocking your way!

Don’t forget to tip the waiter and he won’t be rude. It’s his job, you know.