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Pet Friendly Destinations in the US


Photo credit: Depositphotos

With so many animal lovers living in today’s world, it’s no wonder traveling with pets has become a need many popular destinations in the US have rushed to meet. Whether it’s for a family Labrador, a loud parrot or a grumpy cat, here is a list of top destinations for traveling with pets in the US.

San Diego, California

San Diego prides itself on some of the best pet-friendly beaches and trails in the country. Hit the road and soak up the sun, or visit one of the high-end shopping centers without having to leave your dog behind.

New York City

NYC is one of the most popular destinations to bring your pooch along and forget a pet sitter. New York’s Central Park is ideal for long walks and exercise, plus you can shop in many of the city’s fancy boutiques or dine out with your pet by your side.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is overall a great destination for travelers and their pets alike.

The city’s Golden Gate Park is a world-famous urban dog park with four off-leash areas and plenty of space for strolling or picnicking.

Also, San Francisco is packed with pet-friendly hotels for every budget.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a destination with the most dog parks per capita in the country, which makes it super-popular with pet-loving tourists. Not only are there dog-friendly parks at every corner, but there is also the largest of them all, Forest Park, stretching across 4000 acres of land.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is not only one of the world’s top destinations, but its Navy Pier, splendid parks and breathtaking trails also make it one of pet lovers’ favourites, putting it at the number one spot on our list. Take pleasure in fine dining or cruising on a pet-friendly boat, and enjoy every bit of your trip together with your beloved pet.

Traveling with a pet can be an unforgettable experience with so many wonderful destinations ready to accommodate your pet’s every need. Stock up on useful information before you leave, and get a kick out of traveling with your pet.