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Places With Similar Names

Photo credit: Granada, Spain and Grenada, Caribbean Sea

Photo credit: Granada, Spain and Grenada, Caribbean SeaFlickr

After numerous occasions when people ended up in Grenada instead of Granada in the last couple of years, due to airline booking mix-ups and plain old misunderstandings, we started thinking about other destinations that sound the same but are totally different places. So, pick you places carefully and make it clear to the airlines where you actually want to go. You know, it’s not the same to say at least, if you end up in Paris, Kansas instead of Paris, France.

Yes, there is a Paris in Texas, USA. The “original” Paris is well-known for many things, we don’t even have to mention them, but Paris in Texas is probably not that known. Just a wild guess. On the Fourth Of July, Texas Parisian farmers take to the streets in their tractors for a parade. The town has some history of mistreating people in the old days, so you might want to stick to France.

Granada is a lovely city in Spain that is home to the historic, unique Alhambra. Grenada is a picturesque island grouping in the Caribbean Sea. Both are beautiful and definitely worth seeing, but they are completely different places. Completely.

Photo credit: Antigua, Barbuda and Antigua,Guatemala

Photo credit: Antigua, Barbuda and Antigua,Guatemala Flickr

Speaking of islands, the nation of Antigua (technically known as Antigua and Barbuda) is a group of islands in the West Indies. The scenery is so beautiful it deserves to be on a screensaver, while Antigua in Guatemala seems sort of crowded, although very charming.

Everyone’s heard of Waterloo, and everyone thinks of the one in Belgium, where Napoleon got his fair share of misery; but there’s another Waterloo in Canada! Both are quite picturesque and absolutely basking in nature’s glory, so it won’t be the end of the world if you wind up in the other one.

While we’re at the same name basis, Sydney is also a common city name, or so it seems. We all know of the one in Australia, but we don’t know about the one in Canada. We’re not sure even the Canadian Sydney natives know of it, it’s so weird.