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Postcard from Guyana


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Although not that many people have heard of this exotic place, Guyana has a lot of mesmerizingly stunning sights to offer and it should definitely be included to your bucket list. This secluded place is teeming with life with its untouched rainforests, sunbathed beaches, sweeping savannahs and exuberant rivers.

If you are a huge fan of unspoiled nature, this little-known South American country is the right destination for you.

The Must-Sees

Guyana brilliantly blends the wild with the friendly. Make sure you visit and absorb all the natural splendor of Kaieteur Falls, while you don’t omit all the jungle trekking, freshwater fishing and wildlife watching opportunities.

Many a rare species is there to see for the first time – jaguars, anteaters, giant otters on land, while you can also try your luck and go fishing to catch a glimpse of arapaima, the world’s largest freshwater fish.

For that friendly bit mentioned earlier be sure to go and visit the charming capital city of Georgetown in all its glory.

In many ways a trip to Guyana will be a life-altering experience.

You will feel as if you have stepped through a portal that leads to a whole different dimension.

However, make sure you are properly equipped and prepared for anything as it also a trip back in time. ATM machines are rare, but awe-inspiring moments are many.