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Prepare For A Time Of Your Life In Belgrade


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One could easily say that the Balkan States aren’t at the top of the list of popular travel destinations. The Balkan Peninsula was at war for a long time, after which came many political and economic crisis, so the outside world usually avoided the countries here.

However, now that the tides have calmed, the Balkan states are becoming more and more popular among tourists from all over the world. At the center of this popularity is Serbia with its capital Belgrade, which holds a lot of history and heritage, but also an exquisite nightlife experience.

Anything Goes

Unlike most of the places you can find on our site, accommodation in Belgrade is actually pretty cheap. Whether it’s a hostel or a hotel, the prices begin at around $9.

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, the Presidential Suite at the Hyatt goes for $2.500 per night.

One of the best things about Serbia is the food. A mixture of Slavic, Turkish, and European blends, there are endless choices when it comes to eating out.

From various pizza and burger places to restaurants specialized in various cuisines, you can find meals for $1-100.

Where History Meets Modern Life


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Belgrade resides on the mouth of Sava and Danube. Founded in III century BC, it has changed multiple owners, such as Celts, Romans, Turks, and finally, Serbs. For that reason this city is home to a number of cultural artifacts from a number of wars that occurred on the Balkan Peninsula.

Once you come to Belgrade, the first thing you need to see is Kalemegdan. This ancient stronghold has been reconstructed into a public park, and has been enriched with various vehicles from WWII.

Aside from the culture and history of Belgrade, the nightlife is what attracts most tourists to the capital of Serbia. The former Yugoslavia city is booming with clubs and dance-bars, while also being host to various jazz and rock pubs.

No matter what your preferences are, Belgrade is one of those cities that can surely provide entertainment in many forms, and for a cheap price too.