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Public Transport: How To Sleep While Traveling

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Although most people absolutely adore traveling, they necessarily don’t adore every single aspect of it. The lack of sleep can be a huge problem, and it mostly has to do with the fact that public transport isn’t as comfy as they like to advertise it. Summer is on our threshold and with it the ultimate travel time of the year, so here are a few tips to help you find you cozy spot on the train, bus or plane.

To the window!

Try to book a seat next to the window, but make sure to do it on time because the window seats sell like cake, and for good reason, too. You can use the window to lean against it while you sleep. Plus, you have a pretty good view most of the time.

Bring a pillow and a sleeping mask

The pillow is an obvious solution and even though the sleeping mask may seem funny or unneeded, it will be your best friend along with your favorite comfy pillow.

The mask will give you much needed darkness for sleep, especially if you’re traveling by bus. It’s also a nice way to remind others of a little thing called personal space.

Comfortable layered clothing, along with the pillow, is self-explanatory.

No one will convince us that they’re perfectly comfy in a suit or a haute couture dress. Not to mention that it makes our next step quite difficult.

The best way is the feline way

Like cats, you need to try out every spot and pose you can until you find your sweet spot. It may be the most ridiculous sleeping pose ever but it may stop your feet from swelling, so suck it up.

Keep hydrated and eat well

Don’t drink coffee at least 6 hours before traveling. Coffee dehydrates you and it keeps you from sleeping. Also, airplanes and trains may provide dry air that will dehydrate your body and make sleeping difficult, so it’s necessary to chug that water down.

You should eat a full meal before you plan on sleeping. Some foods naturally induce sleepiness, like turkey and almonds, so make sure to have a turkey sandwich or some almonds with you.

Wear yourself out

Try to do as much things you can possibly cram into the day of your departure. Both physical and mental work will help you fall asleep easier. You can also do a little bit of exercise; that way you can kill two birds with one stone.