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Queenstown – Your Own Getaway Spot


Photo credit: Depositphotos

New Zealand is known for many things. From their love of rugby to serving as a set to the famous “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, this country certainly did its part to put itself on the map.

When you visit New Zealand, it’s only a matter of time before you realize there are so many things you want to see and experience here, but the vastness of this country makes it impossible. That’s where Queenstown comes in as city that truly captures the essence of New Zealand.

The Price Of Enjoyment

The city of Queenstown sits on the south island of New Zealand, waiting for visitors and tourist who can come to enjoy the whole country in one spot.

Since New Zealand has decent standards, you can expect a thinner wallet once your trip has ended.

Accommodation prices speak for themselves, as hostel rooms go for $20-25, while a hotel room can cost you $70.

As for food, it’s not recommended that you eat at Queenstown restaurants if you’re on a budget, since you can get charged $15 for a meal. Instead, you can do your own grocery shopping for $40 per week, or feed off street foods for anywhere between $5-8.

All Aboard The Getaway Train

One of the greatest things about Queenstown is its diversity. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself relaxing on the bank of the Frankton Arm while watching people bungy-jumping headfirst directly above you.

Queenstown utilizes its lake to its full potential, as there are many sailing and speedboat tours you can take. Whether you like going slow or fast, there are options which allow you to experience Queenstown’s lake and rivers whichever way you want.

For those who like going fast, there are bungy-jumping, ziplining, and skiing sites you must definitely check out while staying in Queenstown. Finally, you can feel as if you were on the set of the “Lord of the Rings” by trail riding on a horse.