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Revisit The Past In Porto


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Portugal has been a very attractive destination for some time now. From perfect beaches and coastlines, to the impressive architecture of its cities, this European country is what most travelers are looking for when they want to go on vacation.

But if you thought that all of Portugal’s beauty can be found in its capital Lisbon, Porto is here to prove you wrong. This amazing city is the second largest in the country, but it offers a lot in terms of relaxation, good wine, and inexpensiveness.

So Many Choices

Even though Porto is not exactly your typical modern city, the prices of accommodation here can suit any budget. Hostels can be found for $14-65, while hotels are mostly priced at $65-80 and will sometimes go as low as $50 per night.

But food is what impresses most tourists. There are so many excellent dinning offers and choices Porto that you won’t know where to go first. From $3 street food to $25 for a delicious meal with wine at a restaurant, this city is a true gourmet paradise.

Keep Calm And Drink Exquisite Wine

First off, let us remind you that Porto is the birthplace of the famous Port wine brand. And that can only mean you’re about to have a jolly good time on your vacation.

Jokes aside, Porto is a place where you will feel like you’re in a historic movie. The Stock Exchange Palace is the first proof of that, as this neoclassical masterpiece was built in 1842.

It now includes many artifacts of Prince Henry the Navigator, with most of them originating from the XIII and XIV century.

Once you’ve revisited the past, it’s time for some entertainment.

For that, you should definitely check out Porto’s Casa da Música, where local musicians and actors bring the most extraordinary folk and jazz experience to their audience.

Ultimately, let’s not forget Portugal’s biggest focus – soccer. There aren’t many places in Europe that worship this sport as much as Portugal does, and Porto doesn’t fall out from the rest of the country.

If you want to witness how passionate FC Porto’s fans are, go to Dragão Stadium and watch a soccer match.