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San Francisco’s Sightseeing Musts

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

San Francisco is the most European of all American cities and a city that keeps amazing people with its beauty and tolerance. People smile a lot here, traffic jams tend to be caused by drivers insisting the other guy goes first, and diversity can be seen at every time in every way.

The Coit Tower

The Coit Tower, according to some, resembles a fire hose nozzle. It can be found on top of the legendary Telegraph Hill in North Beach.

Telegraph Hill was allegedly home to sea captains in the days of the Golden Bough.

The views are breathtaking, and let’s not even get started on the murals. They were inspired by the social-realism style of the great artist Diego Rivera.

The federal Works Progress Administration actually commissioned the paintings which can be seen inside the tower, and were completed in 1933. After dwelling on the painting and the tower itself, check out the views once more.

The Stairs Of Telegraph Hill

If you want to count the stairs, just for the sake of it, prepare for one mighty task because there are 400 of them!

While going down the Stairs of Telegraph Hill, you’ll get to see some beautiful houses, gardens and, most times of the year, brightly colored flora, wild parrots and many other nature’s wonders that compliment the Stairs.

The Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park has a million trees. Yes, a million! While you’re enjoying nature’s blood line in a city big as San Francisco, be sure to visit the Conservatory of Flowers, which is the oldest Victorian greenhouse in America, and the carousel on Kezar Drive. If you’re feeling adventurous, walk to the western edge of the park to check out the herd of bison at the Bison Paddock.

The Presidio And The Golden Gate Bridge

Before it became a U.S. military base, the Presidio was used at different points in its 230-year history to house soldiers from Spain and Mexico. You won’t find a more bucolic spot in the city, thanks to its abundant eucalyptus trees and yawning lawns. From the Presidio, you can walk to the Golden Gate Bridge, which actually (spoilers!) isn’t really golden at all. It’s more like the color of rust.

The bridge, apart from being an engineering marvel, is one of the most beautiful bridges ever. It’s not too windy and foggy, either. The Golden Gate is, also, the top spot for suicides in the nation.