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Save Money Next Time You Book A Flight


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We all know how expensive airfare is, and with the little space we get on the plane, coupled with bad food and the possibility of our luggage not arriving at the same time as us, it really seems like a rip-off. On the other hand, there are a few tricks we can use to find cheaper airfare and get more value for our money.

Book Early

In theory, everyone knows that booking a flight early can save big bucks, but in reality, not everyone can plan a trip months and months in advance.

Still, the upside of an early booking is very real, as you can save hundreds of dollars, especially if there is more than one person traveling.

For instance, booking a flight or a vacation in December when you are planning to go in June translates into a minimum of $200+ per person worth of savings.

Also, take your time before booking and research as many websites selling cheap flights as possible.

Don’t buy the first cheap airfare you see because there might be something better out there. Make sure you extend your search over a period of 5-7 days to compare the prices.

Consider Multiple Stopovers

For those not traveling in a hurry or with small children, considering multiple stopovers can bring some considerable savings compared to taking a direct flight.

If you are not on a tight schedule, don’t have a lot of luggage and are relatively flexible, next time you book a flight choose the multiple stopover option and you’ll be surprised by how much money you can save.

Multiple stopovers don’t necessarily mean spending hours on different airports halfway around the globe from where you need to go. It means if you’re traveling from Boston to L.A., consider a stopover in Phoenix and compare the prices.

Consider Different Airports

Most large cities have multiple airports and the smaller ones are usually cheaper to fly to or from than the largest, most popular one. The smaller ones might be further away, but the savings are considerable so it’s definitely worth a try.

When buying airfare, make sure you compare as many different airports as you can, and all those within a 200 mile radius could be worth it. If you are flying overseas, the smaller airports are probably not an option, but for domestic flights the amount of money you could save is better spent on other things.

With the prices of airfare constantly increasing, the tips and tricks for saving money become more and more useful. Take your time, try to be flexible in your travel, book in advance, and you’ll save big bucks and get more value for your money.