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Spending All Your Money In Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace


Photo credit: Depositphotos

We can’t stretch this enough – going on a trip, having an awesome time, and coming back home with some money in your wallet is great. However, there are those among us who prefer living on the luxurious side of life, taking every opportunity to enjoy as much as possible regardless the cost.

If you are one of those people, we present to you the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. This 7-star estate is much more than just a hotel – it’s heaven on Earth for those with deep pockets.

Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Before you even enter the building, you can see and feel just how extravagant the Emirates Palace is.

From the marble and gold facade to swimming pools and immense courtyards, this hotel looks like you need to pay just to look at it!

Once you get inside, the excess doesn’t stop. Over 1000 Swarovski-enriched chandeliers in 114 domes and the 72-meter high Central Dome certainly earn the Emirates Palace its 7 stars.

Once you’re done enjoying the sights of pure extravagance, get ready to reside in one of 302 luxury rooms and 92 suites. These come with a 24-hour personal butler service at the cost of just over $1,300 per night.

Rich Man’s Paradise

Here’s what your day would look like while residing at the Emirates Palace: You wake up in your gold-sheeted bed and get down to the restaurant to get some coffee. The waiter brings you a cappuccino with 24k gold flakes on top of it.

After finishing your morning coffee, you hop into a Rolls Royce Phantom to be chauffeured to wherever you want to go. If you fancy a swim, your driver can take you to the hotel’s private Persian Gulf beach where you can find 1.3km of white sand and crystal-clear water.

Once you’re done with sunbathing and swimming, you’re taken back to the hotel for supper. The menu includes anything from Italian to Chinese dishes, which can all be eaten next to one of many sea-view windows.

In case you get short on cash, there is a gold-plated ATM, which can dispense gold bars and coins along with money. We think we’ve said enough.