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Surf On Summer’s Waves In Florianopolis


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Planning a summer vacation demands going to an exotic place with warm beaches and crystal-clear water, both of which you can find in Brazil. However, it’s not Rio de Janeiro you’ll be checking out, but its southern cousin – Florianopolis.

Hawaii might be a surfer’s heaven, but it’s in Florianopolis where you can both chill on the hot, white sand and catch the biggest monster wave of your life.

One Worry Less

Florianopolis might as well be called “Care-Free Land,” since the only thing you’ll need to worry about is which beach to sunbathe on today.

Finding a dorm room here can cost as low as $8, while private and hotel room prices can range from $13-30.

The price of food moves in the same niche as accommodation in Florianopolis. Streetfood and grocery shopping are very cheap, as you easily buy a week’s worth of food for about $20-30. The restaurants are a bit pricier – a dinner with drinks can cost as high as $15.

Surf By Day, Party By Night

Thanks to the island of Ilha de Santa Catarina on which it resides, Florianopolis is a place dedicated to the joys of life.

During the day, you can spend your time surfing on one of many excellent spots here, relax on one of 42 beaches, try out sandboarding, drown your hunger in exquisite seafood, or check out Conceição Lagoon.

However, Florianopolis really comes to life at night. It has many party clubs and spots scattered all over the island, many of which host awesome events that can last until the early morning hours.

Whether you’re planning a family summer vacation or you’re looking for a place of great parties and nightlife, Florianopolis can certainly fulfill your every need.