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Survive The Overnight Bus Trip

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

There are numerous pros for travelling by bus on your trip: you’re accommodated while being on the move, it’s an adventure (sort of) and you can save money. However, the journey can be quite challenging, especially if it’s your first time.

The key is preparation – be prepared for anything, anytime. This sounds like the overnight bus thing is dangerous; well, it is. Maybe not in the strict definition of the term, but it can get quite nasty. If spending time on a bus was that great, we’d all be living in buses.

First things first – ask around. Do some research about the bus company, the route, the driver, the bus type; basically do research on everything. Join some communities online that are all about travelling and different ways of travel, and ask around, talk to people. Maybe someone can give you a few new tips on spending the night on the bus.

Also, don’t underestimate the experiences of people who’ve done this already, nor the stories and tales of your cousin’s great aunt’s ex-sister-in-law. Do the research and then decide whether those stories are true, like armed assailants’ attacks and buses flying off the road.

With doing some research comes doing some math and looking at the big picture. Consider all factors of taking the overnight bus, in terms of finance.

Book a comfy bus, but be aware that it will cost you. And give some thought to the possibility that your route may be cheaper if flown over (with booking in advance and considering the terrain.)

Comfort is essential for this type of travel, but it doesn’t matter how much the seats are comfortable, you will get sick of them eventually.

Give the ride some thoughts, regarding the “bumpage”, cramping, temperature and other factors. Choose your seat carefully, while keeping in mind that the ones in front tend to be more comfy. Also, if you can, travel by a bus that has lesser seats (lesser seats – more space, pure logic.)

It’s not even needed to say that you should bring your own snacks and liquids. It would be wise to have energy drinks as well, with some nuts and fruits. Regarding your valuables, hide them in more than one place.

Pack as if you were flying, with the exception of having earplugs and an eye mask for sleep – they usually don’t dim the lights as much on the bus and people have a tendency to get rowdy on a bus. It brings out something primal in them, who knows.