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Public Transport: How To Sleep While Traveling

Although most people absolutely adore traveling, they necessarily don’t adore every single aspect of it. The lack of sleep can be a huge problem, and it mostly has to do with the fact that public transport isn’t as comfy as they like to advertise it. Summer is on our threshold and with it the ultimate travel time of the year, ... Read More »

Don’t Let Airplane Jitters Ground You: 10 Tips for Nervous Flyers

A fear of flying—or “pteromerhanophobia,” as it’s euphoniously known—afflicts countless people. Air travel has been standard since the mid-20th century, and the modern industry boasts an impressive safety record. Yet the actual process of flying in an airplane is still a head-spinning and astounding one when you think about it—surging at hundreds of miles per hour five or six miles ... Read More »

Top 10 Insane Travel Ideas For Daredevils

1) Conquer Mt. Everest Mountain climbing is extreme enough for many regular folk, but for daredevils only the highest peaks will suffice. Take Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, located in the Himalayas with the summit at 29,029 feet above sea level. Climbing Mt. Everest is clearly the most death defying climb for any mountaineer or risk taker. ... Read More »

18 Urban Legends About Flying That Aren’t True

In spite of concerns related to terrorist attacks, Malaysia-style disappearances and other safety issues, passengers are still willing to pay a great deal for the convenience of plane travel. Some, however, have expressed reluctance to board planes, in part because they believe some of the ridiculous myths attached to the concept of commercial airplanes. The following are some of the ... Read More »

10 Smart Tips for Stress-Free Plane Trips

1) Look Behind You When you are on an airplane, it is expected that you would want to make yourself somewhat comfortable. You kick back and prepare to take a nap, only to be interrupted by a loud snort behind you. You have just committed the first offense in plane travel—reclining into someone’s lap. Before you recline your seat, look ... Read More »