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Park Güell: An Inspirational Masterpiece

Globe trotters and travel novices alike all enjoy a certain number of places around the globe, and Park Güell is most definitely one of those places. One of Gaudi’s major works in Barcelona, Park Güell is a park that stretches across 42 acres of land located on Carmel Hill. When a rich Catalonian industrialist by the name of Eusebi Güell ... Read More »

The Most Overrated Destinations In The World

Whether a destinations gains popularity or not depends on numerous factors, some of which are not always the most relevant. Although the world is filled with underrated destinations and attractions, there are some places that are simply disappointing. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls are an interesting place to visit, if you live within a 200 mile radius. Otherwise, you may be ... Read More »

What’s There To Do In Spain?

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world and for the reason – it’s got something for everyone. From miles and miles of stunning beaching, hiking and mountain-climbing to sightseeing in places like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, if you’ve never been to Spain or have seen only parts of it, here is a review of the most ... Read More »

Granada – Venture Into The Heart Of Spain

We’ll admit that Spain is not the first country that comes to mind when someone says ‘budget travel.’ However, once you look past the most popular cities, like Madrid and Barcelona, you’ll be able to find Granada – a place where rich history and countless scenic roads can coexist with pretty cheap prices. The Budget State Of Mind Many things ... Read More »

Seville – Experience Spain Like Never Before

Many people consider Spain to be the fiery, intense, exotic core of Europe. And while the main attractions can be found in Barcelona, Madrid, and Majorca, there is another spot that will let you experience the essence of the country without the distractions of modern life. This spot is Seville, a city located at the very south of Spain, dedicated ... Read More »

Barcelona – The Ultimate City Destination

Amazing mountains on one side, the sea on the other, unmatched cultural verve and exciting urban blend of modern, classical and ancient in between, in one word – Barcelona. The home of one of the most appreciated modern architect, Gaudí, the unforgettable 1992 Olympics, adorned with weird modern buildings, medieval streets and lively beaches, the capital of Catalonia has to ... Read More »

Let Your Appetite Run Free In Barcelona

Barcelona’s cuisine presents the features of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, which includes a lot of vegetables, fish and meat, all cooked with olive oil of the highest quality. And the fruit… Barcelona is situated between sea and mountain, which provides this Spanish city with the best fruits imaginable. When the road brings you to Barcelona one day, do not think about ... Read More »

Have A Smooth Stay At Barcelona With These Hacks

Even though Madrid is the capital of Spain, Barcelona is still the biggest and most famous city in Catalonia, and you better believe that it didn’t earn that kind of reputation for nothing. However, Barcelona’s many attractions have made the city very expensive to visit. That’s why we’re going to share some travelling hacks you can use to spend an ... Read More »