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Pet Friendly Destinations in the US

With so many animal lovers living in today’s world, it’s no wonder traveling with pets has become a need many popular destinations in the US have rushed to meet. Whether it’s for a family Labrador, a loud parrot or a grumpy cat, here is a list of top destinations for traveling with pets in the US. San Diego, California San ... Read More »

Time For A Snowboarding Trip

Winter vacations are usually associated with skiing and Christmas, but for some of us, snowboarding is the thing to do this winter. For those among you that have an urge for adrenaline, speed, and endless slopes for boarding on, here are some suggestions on where to go and snowboard this winter. The Best Of Europe There are many places and ... Read More »

Around The States In A Hot Air Balloon

For anyone seeking exhilarating experience, a ride in a hot air balloon is the perfect thing. Not are you floating thousands of feet above ground, but you also get to see some of the most beautiful sights in the U.S. Speaking of hot air balloon rides in the States, some definitely rank above the others. Here are a couple of ... Read More »

Fall Is The Best Time To Visit These American Cities

Each USA city has its own thing. From the busyness of New York to the shining lights of Las Vegas, you can be sure you won’t find that ‘something’ any of these cities posses anywhere else. In autumn, however, these places change. Fall is the time when most summer crowds are gone, the accommodation prices fall, and that local aspect ... Read More »

Hurricane-Proof Hot Spots For A Totally Dry Vacation Part 1

Did you plan an awesome vacation only to realize that your destination of choice is going to get hit by a hurricane? Naturally, you cancel your vacation with hope that you’ll get at least some of your money back and that the locals don’t get hurt. Hurricanes shouldn’t be taken lightly, but as you plan your next trip, we advise ... Read More »

Napa Valley: America’s Special Place

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is considered to be one of the premiere wine regions in the world, where wine productions date back to the nineteenth century. Apart from being the posh place for wine lovers and undercover bourgeoisie alcoholics alike, it is one of the most beautiful locations in America. It has a Frenchy-romantic feeling to it which Americans, like we all ... Read More »

12 Coolest Houses in the World

Looking for the coolest houses in the world? See odd homes that are truly one of a kind masterpieces with the definitive top 12 cool houses list. 1. The Winchester Mystery House – San Jose, California Complete with a spooky history and a most unusual interior design, the Winchester House is a popular tourist attraction today that sits just outside ... Read More »

15 Most Amazing Theme Parks on the Planet

A visit to the theme park is a summer time staple here in the US and for many foreign and domestic travelers they are a must see destination as well. But the theme park craze isn’t just an American pastime, instead this love of rides, games, food and fun has become an international hit spanning the world. If you’re thinking ... Read More »

15 Most Terrifying Places on Earth to Visit

From horror movies to haunted houses, humans hold an odd fascination with the frightening. There is something supremely satisfying about being scared out of your wits. Each year, thousands of travelers make a point of crafting their vacations around this very concept; many wind up visiting these terrifying destinations: 1) Linda Vista Hospital — Los Angeles, California Originally known as ... Read More »