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How To Travel To Cuba If You’re An American

As the question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, the question of Americans travelling to Cuba keeps floating over many American heads: is it legal? The truth is that it is. Cuba doesn’t prohibit Americans from travelling to Cuba. It’s actually the US government that limits the travel, because they don’t want US citizens spending money in ... Read More »

Trinidad, Cuba: Maximize Your Vacation

Trinidad, Cuba was built on the back of the 19th century sugar and slave trade. The enormous, conspicuous wealth that it gained over the years shaped the town. The vainglory of the era can be seen in every Spanish colonial mansion, church, plaza and cobblestoned street, which stands as a testament to thousands of lives that were mistreated in a ... Read More »

What’s So Great About Miami?

When travelers ponder on which USA city to visit, Miami has to be in the top 5. And although everyone wants to visit Miami in one point of their life or another, does anyone actually know why? So if you need some arguments for your visitation to this hot, sizzling city, look no further! First of all, you have the ... Read More »