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7 Stunning European Destinations Every American Must Visit

Winter is almost over and you are probably making travel plans for spring or summer. If you are not on the budget, maybe you should consider travelling to Europe. If this IS your option, here we have 7 mind-blowing Europe destinations that will be worth every penny. Reykjavik, Iceland This majestic city is definitely a must-see. Should you decide to ... Read More »

Biking – Experience Europe In A Whole New Way

Every person on the planet wished at least once to visit Europe in order to see all of its wonders and historical monuments. This even includes people who already live in Europe, as this subcontinent is vast and takes time to fully explore. This drives many into planning a trip to the center of human expansion. But before you do ... Read More »

Taste The Medieval Flavor Of Bruges

Medieval cities are always fun, and there’s no better place to find these than Europe. There are many destinations which still breathe of 15th century culture and traditions, and one of the spots that represents that the best can be found in Belgium. Historical Experience… For A Price Bruges is one of the most popular medieval-influenced cities in Europe. Not ... Read More »

Lithuania – Europe’s Diamond In The Rough

Lithuania is a country of lakes, hills, dunes, castles and forests, and it is one of many hidden gems of northern Europe. With one of its sides touching the Baltic shore and with its gorgeous capital Vilnius, which is one of most enchanting cities you’ll ever see, Lithuania definitely has much to offer. History Lesson Their independence came right after ... Read More »