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Best Family-Friendly Mediterranean Islands

Taking a tour of the Mediterranean can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. From cultural and architectural wonders to breathtaking beaches that stretch for miles, the Mediterranean offers something for everyone. The following islands stand out as the best family-friendly vacation spots in the region. Mallorca, Spain Close to Ibiza in proximity and similar in landscape, Mallorca doesn’t ... Read More »

Cruising In The Winter

With the days getting shorter and the nights drawing in, it’s time to start planning a winter getaway. The vast and varied array of destinations is one of the main reasons why cruise holidays are so hugely popular. The options for that tempting winter escape are endless; for cruise regulars in search of a winter fix, there are plenty of ... Read More »

Enjoy The Sweet Life On Corfu

For the most part, Greece is a country rich in exotic destinations. These usually involve beaches, hot summer days, and a very, very active nightlife. Speaking of which, Corfu is no exception to this standard. As one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, this Ionian island earned its place by featuring a plethora of white sand beaches, amazing mountains, ... Read More »

The Most Wonderful Destinations On Cyprus

Laying low in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is a beautiful island whose time is yet to come. A combination of religions, languages, Turkish and Greek culture, old island life with beach-clubbing…Cyprus is a true melting pot. And the first of its kind! Think of it as Ibiza with the history of Athens and Istanbul. Limassol Limassol is the second largest ... Read More »

The Party Never Ends On Ios

Although Greece is most commonly known for its stunning beaches and exotic sites, there is one place in the country that has party at the top of its list of priorities. This place is called Ios, and if you really want to experience the nightlife of Greece, than this place is a must for you. No Shirt, No Shoes, No ... Read More »

Tight Budget? Here’s Where To Go

While there are people who can sit on a plane and journey to an exotic destination on a whim, there are certainly some among us who consider travel as a form of luxury and privilege. This is mostly because no matter how good your vacation plan is, the economy is something you cannot predict. More often than not, this is ... Read More »

15 of Nature’s Most Beautiful Swimming Pools

While we’re ultimately land bound creatures, human beings certainly love getting wet—whether we’re stroking back and forth in fast-paced laps or simply lounging in a bubbling hot tub. Artificial swimming pools and soaking tubs can be wonderful places to indulge our innate water-loving tendencies, but these chlorinated installations can’t hold a candle to natural swimming holes. A calm pocket on ... Read More »

10 Amazing Cave Hotels You Have to Visit

1) Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast Go way, way, way back in time with a stay at the Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast in Farmington, New Mexico. First of the single bed cavernous hotels on this list, Kokopelli’s is found in a sandstone formation that has seen the days of dinosaurs thanks to being 65 million years old. Once inside ... Read More »