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Best Sunny Destinations To Spend Christmas

Most people’s idea of Christmas involves a Christmas tree, gifts, snow, cold weather and Santa, naturally, as he comes from the Great White North. On the other hand, not everyone is a fan of snow or harsh winters, so for all those who would rather spend Christmas down south in the sun, here is a list of popular destinations to ... Read More »

15 Most Bizarre Street Foods From Around the World

Our differences and similarities make us, the human race, what we are. Food is no exception. While there are some truly incredible and tasty dishes all around the world that make us drool just by thinking about them, there are some that terrify us and make us think twice about what do we eat and consider it normal. From all ... Read More »

Live A Posh Lifestyle On A Budget At This Destination

Stretching the budget beyond what is physically possible is a reality for most of us, and all those who are dreaming of making their money go just a little bit further should consider moving to places where the cost of living is low. Especially if those places consist of more than 17,000 picturesque islands, stunning beaches, lovely people and abundance ... Read More »