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Best New Year’s Eve Destinations in the US

New Year’s Eve is upon us, and for those wishing to welcome the New Year with a bang, taking a trip out of town is usually an excellent idea. That way, the trip is in-and-of itself a celebration, and the actual New Year’s Eve can be spent on a public square or wandering down the decorated streets of some of ... Read More »

Pet Friendly Destinations in the US

With so many animal lovers living in today’s world, it’s no wonder traveling with pets has become a need many popular destinations in the US have rushed to meet. Whether it’s for a family Labrador, a loud parrot or a grumpy cat, here is a list of top destinations for traveling with pets in the US. San Diego, California San ... Read More »

The Big Apple: A Big Deal

In 99% of bucket lists of people worldwide (all nationalities, races, sexual orientation, subcultures and hipster affiliation included), you will find a visit to New York City. It is so common that one begins to ask “What’s the big deal with NYC anyway?” Does anyway know? And no, “It’s so awesome, man” is not a valid answer. To find out ... Read More »

5 Otherworldly Movie Locations You Can Visit In Real Life

Although all the advancements in computer graphics make the job easy for contemporary filmmakers as they can now create pretty much any kind of realistic-looking world via CGI for their cinematic endeavors, we still think that nothing can beat the real thing. For all of you movie buffs out there who also love to travel, here we have our favorite ... Read More »

Get Creepy In Sleepy Hollow And Tarrytown Part 1

This town has always been interesting to the fans of the supernatural, strange and occult, and thanks to a couple of movies and the newer popular TV series that bears the same name as the town, Sleepy Hollow’s popularity has reached a whole new level. The quintessential American ghost story icon, the Headless Horseman, has been bringing people in Sleepy ... Read More »