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Prepare For A Trip To Scandinavia

Contemplating on a trip to Scandinavia? Whether it’s Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, or all of the above, you will quite possibly have an experience which will amaze you beyond your imagination. This dreamy, almost fairytale-like part of the world has a lot to offer. To be prepared, read up on some tips. The Best Time To Visit Scandinavia The busiest ... Read More »

Oslo: Go Bankrupt With Style

If you’re basically loaded, just skip this whole intro and after reading this: Oslo is a pretty city. Don’t even think about this one if you don’t have a thing for bankruptcy. Even though it’s often called “the most expensive city in the world,” Oslo does have a bunch of qualities to it. It’s quite easy on the eyes, its ... Read More »

Bergen – Your Inexpensive Piece Of Norway

Although many of us would love to visit Norway some day, not everyone can afford such a trip. This is mostly due to the country’s high standards and overall expensiveness, which usually prevents people from going on a budget trip. However, there is one spot in Norway which is by far considered the cheapest place in the country. It’s called ... Read More »

15 Awe-Inspiring Architectural Wonders

We live in a world where architecture has played a significant role from ancient times to modern day. These awe-inspiring wonders are examples of the creative and innovative minds of talented architect’s whose visions were sometimes outside of the traditional box. 1) Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is one of the most visually exciting structures to ... Read More »

20 Terrifying Bridges People Actually Use

To paraphrase “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams, “the goal of every good engineer is to do very little in their careers, and if you must build something, just hope it doesn’t hurt anyone.” Of course, that’s selling short some very talented engineers who should be given great credit for figuring out innovative ways of getting us to cross previously un-crossable terrain ... Read More »