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Why You Should Visit Cyprus Immediately

The birthplace of Aphrodite, sandy Mediterranean beaches, ancient monasteries, classical ruins, thyme scented mountains, terracotta houses, party resorts – in one word – Cyprus. Being the crossroads between Europe and Asia, this country is a unique and unusual blend of different cultures. The ancient empire-builders left behind an amazing plethora of historical relics: ancient Greek and Roman ruins, Crusader castles, ... Read More »

The Most Wonderful Destinations On Cyprus

Laying low in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is a beautiful island whose time is yet to come. A combination of religions, languages, Turkish and Greek culture, old island life with beach-clubbing…Cyprus is a true melting pot. And the first of its kind! Think of it as Ibiza with the history of Athens and Istanbul. Limassol Limassol is the second largest ... Read More »