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Lima, Peru: The Hottest Destination Of The Year Part 2

A “Garden city” in the middle od a desert, also known as Lima is a really special place. A mosaic of 43 smaller cities and 9 million inhabitants make Peru’s capital one of world’s few megacapitals. Church Of San Francisco The Church of San Francisco is one of the best preserved buildings in Lima. It was built in the baroque-style ... Read More »

15 Most Bizarre Street Foods From Around the World

Our differences and similarities make us, the human race, what we are. Food is no exception. While there are some truly incredible and tasty dishes all around the world that make us drool just by thinking about them, there are some that terrify us and make us think twice about what do we eat and consider it normal. From all ... Read More »

Lima, Peru: The Hottest Destination Of The Year Part 1

It’s known as the “Garden city,” although it’s built in a desert. Another thing that makes Lima really awesome is the fact that Peru’s capital is actually a mosaic of 43 smaller cities. Lima has 9 million inhabitants who live either in ultramodern seaside neighborhoods or shantytowns that cling to barren hillsides. Lima is definitely one of world’s few megacapitals ... Read More »

25 Places You Must Visit Before They Disappear

More than likely, you’ve heard the phrase “The Seven Wonders of the World.” But did you know that all but one of these spectacular ancient wonders have disappeared from the face of the earth? The original seven wonders were considered the lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt; the statue of Zeus at Olympia, Greece; the hanging gardens of Babylon in Iraq; ... Read More »

Top 13 Travel Ideas for Couples

Whether you recently started dating the love of your life or have been married for 40 years, traveling as a couple allows you both to relax, unwind and reconnect. It gives you the opportunity to leave the mundane behind and embrace a fun experience together. Thirteen travel ideas for couples encourage you to travel across town or across the globe ... Read More »