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10 Smart Tips for Stress-Free Plane Trips

1) Look Behind You When you are on an airplane, it is expected that you would want to make yourself somewhat comfortable. You kick back and prepare to take a nap, only to be interrupted by a loud snort behind you. You have just committed the first offense in plane travel—reclining into someone’s lap. Before you recline your seat, look ... Read More »

10 Must-Have Apps That Will Make You a Smarter Traveller

1) TripIt! Planning a trip, for most people, is half of the fun. The anticipation and the open-endedness of one’s trip, long before any of the stress of nearly missed flights and overcrowded tourist attractions kick in. To help keep your organizational spirit of planning with you throughout the trip, keep your plans on tap at all times using TripIt!. ... Read More »

12 Clever Hacks for Better Airline Seats

1) Seat Guru This online opportunity gives the optimal seating for any airplane in the sky. Free for all, Seat Guru lets you search on their website for a visual map of the exact plane on which you will be traveling. Take a look at the plane set up and then look for seats that are preferred for travelers. Seat ... Read More »