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Take A Devilish Trip To Tasmania


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A seasonal favorite among the lovers of the world, Tasmania is not your everyday destination for the average traveler. If you plan to visit this unusual place, here are must-see attractions that will make your trip worth wile. And a quick tip: a great way to live in these beautiful, scenic destinations is by travelling by campervan.


Australia’s Hobart is home to the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).

This museum is absolutely packed with artistic curiosities. And let’s not forget the top-notch food and drink options.

A home to art that will challenge your idea of morality and creativity, MONA is a must see attraction for anyone visiting Tasmania.

You might also be able to check out a festival or a film at the Mona Cinema, depending on your time of arrival.



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The Salamanca Market is the place to be on Saturdays, and make sure that you have your money on you while you’re there because there’s definitely gonna be some impulse buying and unique art shopping.

The stalls are packed with local beautiful, unique local craftsmanship as well as all the best gourmet fare Hobart has to offer. You’ll also want to take some time from shopping and tasting to go stroll around the local area and marvel at the 19th century sandstone buildings.

Freycinet National Park


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Freycinet National Park is a place to see, feel, smell and take in. The dramatically-peaked granite mountains descend into white sand beaches and azure bays, like the Wineglass Bay, the most famous of them, considered by many to be one of the best beaches in the world.

You can drive or walk through the park, as well as take a short or long hike. Also, if you’re a fan of camping and wondered what place in Tasmania would be perfect for your favorite thing to do, then this park is it.

Cradle Mountain


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Become one with the nature while testing your stamina. Depending on how much you like to spend time outdoors, in the beautiful scenic middle of nowhere, you time spent in Cradle Mountain can vary from short ranger-led walks to day and overnight walks.

Oh and there’s always the ultra-tough 65km “Overland Track” walk, which will take about six days to complete, for the true hard-core fans of the great outdoors. Go ahead and channel your inner explorer.

World Heritage Port Arthur History Site


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Packed with accounts of paranormal activities and unsettling stories about this famously haunted area, this eerie night-time tour is something for those who like to get their blood pumping from fear.