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Taste The Medieval Flavor Of Bruges


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Medieval cities are always fun, and there’s no better place to find these than Europe. There are many destinations which still breathe of 15th century culture and traditions, and one of the spots that represents that the best can be found in Belgium.

Historical Experience… For A Price

Bruges is one of the most popular medieval-influenced cities in Europe.

Not only is the city itself equipped with many buildings from that age, but the ancient traditions still dwell among the locals.

The prices here, however, are actually modernized. Dorm rooms cost around 25 EUR, while a hotel suite will take 54 EUR or more out of your wallet.

On the other side stands food which isn’t as pricy as accommodation in Bruges. You’ll be able to find 4 EUR street foods, as well as fast food and casual meals for around 12 EUR. A fancy meal with drinks at a restaurant will cost you about 24 EUR.

A Tour Of The Past

Bruges is definitely an historical city, and the locals are very aware of it. This means that you can find tours and trips that will take you around the city and through all the years in which it existed.

For example, you can take a boat for a canal trip down the arteries of Bruges. This way you can enjoy a relaxing ride while witnessing all the historical sites this city has to offer.

Another great way of scouting Bruges is hot air ballooning. Just take a romantic ride over the city and enjoy the magnificent view.

Finally, don’t forget to check out The Burg. This Town Hall has been standing in the city’s centre for almost 700 years and still wears its Gothic architecture with pride, so it’s definitely worth visiting.