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Taupo – The Most Quiet Place In New Zealand


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Let’s face it – we all need to get away from the chaos of everyday life once in a while, right? If you’re thinking about vacation, one of the first places that probably popped into your mind was New Zealand.

We’ve recently covered the facts about Queenstown, which is basically a prototype getaway spot of the whole country. However, there is a place in New Zealand that’s even quieter and more peaceful, and that place is Taupo.

Relaxing Prices

The prices of both accommodation and food in Taupo have been seemingly designed to ensure any visitor and traveler can enjoy and relax himself while not worrying about anything.

For example, dorm rooms and private hostel room can be found here for 25 and 55 NZD, respectively, while a hotel room costs around 85 NZD.

Similarly, eating won’t be a problem even for those with the smallest budget. Street foods such as sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers go for around 8 NZD, but you’ll have to spend about 30 NZD for a meal at a restaurant.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Among many qualities Taupo possesses, one of the greatest things about this place is the amount of activities you can get involved with for free. This involves seeing the Huka Falls, visiting the enormous Lake Taupo, and hiking on Mount Tauhara.

Nonetheless, there are still various things with a fee attached to them, such as the Taupo Museum and Art Gallery, the 12.000 ft. skydiving jump, and jet boating at the Waikato River.

At the end of the day, Taupo is indeed that one place we all dream about when life gets too fast to handle. This, however, doesn’t stop it from housing a number of clubs and wild parties.