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The Amazing Iceland


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Located in the Atlantic Ocean between Scandinavia and America, this awesome island has managed to build quite an impressive tourist reputation. Despite its financial collapse during the global economic crisis, Iceland’s unique natural wonders of “fire and ice” have been attracting many visitors throughout the years.

Two Sides of the same Coin

The breathtaking dualism of this destination mirrors in Iceland’s abundant volcanoes and dramatic icy landscapes. If you add the colorful and rough wilderness parks and otherworldly terrains to this equation, alongside the amazing colors of the northern lights, this dreamy island becomes a must in your itinerary.

Its volcanic tourism is a huge part of their exciting offer.

Periodical eruptions with trips to bubbling fumaroles and live lava flows are every bit as thrilling and exciting as they are downright scary.

There is also one of the world’s most reliable geyser called Geysir, which blows hot water from the Earth’s surface up in the air every four to eight minutes.

The iconic Blue Lagoon is definitely a must-see with its surreal open-air swimming pool which is surrounded by murky landscapes of old black lava.


Aside from Iceland’s breathtaking wonders of nature, the true treasures of this country are the quirky, eccentric and creative Icelandic people. Their stunning and fun spirit is best felt during the endless days of summer, when the streets of Reykjavik, the island’s miniature capital city, come to life.

The northern lights are calling out to you in their full glory. Will you answer?