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The Big Apple: A Big Deal

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

In 99% of bucket lists of people worldwide (all nationalities, races, sexual orientation, subcultures and hipster affiliation included), you will find a visit to New York City. It is so common that one begins to ask “What’s the big deal with NYC anyway?” Does anyway know? And no, “It’s so awesome, man” is not a valid answer.

To find out why is the Big Apple so magnetic we need to talk about the things that make NY so special we want to puke.

First of all, it’s a place where dreams come true (move over, Disneyworld).

It’s the big city, the place where so many people move to become something while doing the thing they love, and hopefully, the thing they are actually good at.

Whether it’s something related to business corporations, music, dancing, acting, architecture… Anything really!

The best of the best are there and if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, isn’t that right Jay Z?

If you’re a fan of the masses, if your heart pumps up blood in an exciting fashion when you’re absolutely squashed at every waking moment by hundreds of people just while walking down the street, New York is the city for you. There is no boring moment, no sleepy street, no empty café; this city is all about the hustle and bustle.

Everyone’s constantly moving and trying to live their life. People of all colors, shapes, sizes, fashion styles and food preferences are probably the best side of living in a melting pot like New York. You can find out everything about almost every nation in the world while living in the Big Apple. Diversity is truly a wonderful thing, remember that.

NYC is, when you think about it, not a city. It’s more of a brand. Sure it can offer you a lot, but it can also make you feel a lot. The energy is electric and the mood is both acidic and hopeful. Like life, really. The city is great for starting something new in your life, maybe that’s why it’s called what it’s called.