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The Cheapest Places For Warming Up For Christmas Part 2


Photo credit: Depositphotos

If you’re in the mood to celebrate Christmas a bit differently this year (and preferably without being cold), we’ve got some great news for you! You don’t need a huge budget to head somewhere a bit more exotic for the holidays, as there are plenty places on Earth that give you an amazing experience without drilling a hole in your wallet.

Here is a few destination suggestions for the perfect Christmas getaway that won’t force you into bankruptcy!


Jamaica has 3 beautiful busy resort towns that are served by the same airport, which is located in Montego Bay. That means that this town is the easiest to reach, however, it has fewer less-affordable hotels. Negril and Ocho Rios, on the other hand, offer much more less-affordable options of 4-star hotels. You can easily get an amazing holiday package deal at a really low price if you book it early enough.


Mexico has a bunch of resorts to offer, out of which the best-known and most popular one is Cancun.

Apart from this fan-favorite destination, you can find great offers in Riviera Maya and Conzumel.

The weather couldn’t be more perfect even in December, and you can easily find 3-star hotels for $40 a night for two people!


Honduras’ Roatan Island is to the south of Belize, and it sits off the world’s largest barrier reef. If you’re a fan of diving, and you would like to go and have some under-the-sea adventures for Christmas, this is the place to do it. Booking early is, as usual, highly recommended if you want to snatch a great deal at one of the island’s 60 hotels.


Known as the biggest European hippie hangout for decades, Goa is a small state in southern India that has more than a dozen low-key beach towns, each of which has its own vibe. Choose carefully which one suits you the most, and have a merry Christmas in Goa for only $47 per night (for two people).