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The Do’s And Dont’s Of Romantic Getaways


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In the process of navigating an unfamiliar place and sticking to a budget, travelers sometimes find romance giving way to practicality. Despite the toils of traveling, finding a little flirtation on the road isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

There’s no need to spend weeks planning the perfect trip or persuading foreign hotel staff to leave rose petals on your bed in the shape of your partner’s face. Spice up your love life with unique and inexpensive ways to add some amour to your vacation, from booking the best accommodations for romance to learning to love like a local.

Mystery Is Your Friend

An unexpected trip for two is about as romantic as it gets.

You can keep your destination a secret until you get to the airport, or spirit your partner away for a last-minute weekend getaway.

But if you’re seeking a surprise that requires a little less planning, try planning a secret excursion, restaurant outing or even hotel stay while on vacation.

Let the clock-punchers of the world worry about strict rules – you’re on vacation! Part of what makes life so enjoyable is going off-script from time to time and simply letting the day guide you.

So, if the museum trip you scheduled turned out to be a giant buzz-kill, jump back in the rental car and search out some excitement wherever you can find it.

A Short Trip You’ll Remember

Romantic getaways should be short and sweet, no more than a weekend, especially in the beginning of a relationship. If you book a week-long trip with someone you haven’t been with for very long, you might quickly discover that a full week was about five days over the limit.

It’s best to save those longer trips for a year or two down the line, when you’re absolutely certain that you can tolerate each other for more than 72 hours at a time.

Choosing the right destination is crucial. It’s also a good idea to stay relatively close to home.

Flying cross-country, for example, might sound like a fantastic weekend getaway, but it leaves the door wide open for you to deal with jet lag, lost luggage, and general flight-induced crankiness with your love interest.