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The Dream Beach – Bora Bora

Photo credit:  Benoit Mahe/Flickr

Photo credit: Benoit Mahe/Flickr

White-sand beaches, emerald waters, tropical valleys colored in blue and green – in short, paradise. These are all present on the island of Bora Bora, a Tahitian resort for people seeking relaxation, romance and pleasure.

Romance At Its Finest

Bora Bora is considered to be one of the most romantic islands in the world.

From the overwhelming scenery to the intimacy of your private overwater bungalow, everything in Bora Bora is sure to flare up your romantic experience.

For over 40 years, couples from around the world spend their summers and winters in this Tahitian resort.

The dedication of the locals has brought this island to romance perfection. From dawn ‘till sunset, each resort has constructed their own way of providing romantic experiences for their guests.

Just imagine doing some of these things with your loved one:

  • Your breakfast being brought to your bungalow’s balcony by an canoe
  • Picnics enjoyed on a private beach
  • Sailing into the sunset aboard a private boat while having a four-course dinner

Something Different

If you don’t like to leave the water while on vacation, Bora Bora has the perfect activity for you. Explore the world’s most famous lagoon in the shallow and clear water, snorkel from your bungalow or see all the vivid coral and fish schools from a glass-bottom boat.

Ever wondered where do all those perfect beach photos on the internet come from? Spend your vacation on Bora Bora and find out for yourself! Beaches so beautiful can be found nowhere else in the world, and it’s because of this that deluxe resorts with overwater bungalows offer medium priced stay.

The restaurants on Bora Bora are so exquisite, they are almost as famous as the island itself. The hotel and resort restaurants offer excellent dining and magnificent views, while the island’s best musicians and dancers perform in every after-dinner show.