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The Fine Line Between Travelling And Vacationing

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Certain people tend to think the real meaning and value of travel has been lost. We, however, think that this is not entirely true. The real problem is that far too often people mistake vacationing for travelling. Confused? Don’t be. Let us shed some light onto the whole thing.

As Alessandra S. from Elite Daily puts it:

“Being a traveler does not mean expensive bikinis and EDM concerts at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. If there are umbrella drinks involved, you probably went on a vacation, not on a genuine adventure.”

Diverting From The Beaten Path

Travelling is so much more than just going from point A to point B and drink cocktails. The real meaning of the word means delving a little deeper into a culture and taking the road less travelled. It means really talking to locals and genuinely exploring new areas, trying to blend in with the target culture.

Don’t get us wrong, though. Taking a vacation is not a bad thing, nor is it something you should give up.

We all need a seaside vacation every once in a while, but travelling is a whole other thing. It should be a true:

Cultural Experience

If you want to really call yourself a traveller, you must:

  • Meet and befriend the locals so you can really get to know them
  • Eat and drink as a locals do, at neighborhood bars and dives instead of hitting the most popular tourist clubs and restaurants.
  • Steer clear from most popular tourist points and sites, and instead search for the underlying stories, history, and experience of a country and its people.
  • Walk, bike and take public transportation.
  • If there is a language barrier, learn key phrases and attempt to start and finish conversations in the native dialect.

The best thing about travel is experiencing new things and seeing life with a new and refreshed perspective, thus leaving that special place as an altered and more educated person.