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The Hague – The Serious Side Of The Netherlands


Photo credit: Depositphotos

When someone mentions the Netherlands, the first that pops into the minds of most people is Amsterdam. Although the country’s capital is interesting and fun, there is still a place in the Netherlands that bears a more serious connotation – The Hague.

This is city is often avoided by travelers, which are usually turned away by The Hague’s International Criminal Court. But before you get intimidated by this, let us show you just how beautiful Den Haag can be.

Not Too Many Options

Since The Hague is not your everyday traveling destination, accommodation isn’t as rich as some other places when it comes to variety. The most usual choice here is either a $26 dorm room, a $40-60 dorm room, or an $80 double room in a hotel.

Food can get a bit pricy here, so expect $25 for a meal in a restaurant. As far as street foods go, you can find a plethora of dishes for about $6.

History With A Grain Of Sand

The only true way to begin touring The Hague is to start at one of the museums.

You can choose from Museum de Gavengenpoort, Mauritshuis, Hague Municipal Museum, or the Binnenhof.

All of these hold a piece of Dutch history and are a must-see in The Hague. Aside from various museums, you can also find a lot of castles here.

For example, the Ridderzaal Knights hall is a castle build between XIII and XIV century and was the residence of the Earls of Holland.

Ultimately, you’ll want to relax after a day of sightseeing. For this we recommend one of many parks in Den Haag, like Westbroekpark, where you can find over 20,000 types of roses. Or you can check out the North Sea beach, where you can enjoy many Dutch specialties, like the raw herring.