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The Magic Of Scotland

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Fancy a wee trip? Why not mark majestic Scotland as your destination? You don’t have to be a whiskey- drinking, rain-loving, Loch-Ness-monster-tracker to enjoy the beautiful lands and atmosphere of one of the most charming places on this side of the universe.

But seriously, Nessie’s not the only “wild creature” out there. If you truly are a fan of wildlife, Scotland’s got a treat for you everywhere. From seabirds to raptors, you can choose for days from the all-inclusive tours.

Outings are organized daily, sometimes even a few times a day; go whale watching in the morning, check out some sea eagles along the way, after lunch you can look at some raptors and hang around with some phalaropes after tea time. Just kidding, better have some whiskey; you’re in Scotland for God’s sake!

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

If you are a gourmet, you’ll feel right at home. Food and drink is in the very heart of the land and its culture. With the world-renowned sea-food, cheese that can make even the French ashamed and the holy Angus steak, we would be surprised if you could find the time to talk at all. And if you are a vegan, don’t worry; Scotland’s nature gems are just waiting for you to devour them.

Take your taste buds on a rollercoaster and have some haggis. And definitely let us know what you think. Maybe the flavor settles when you wash it down… with whiskey.

Mix up a few things, like going mountain biking or hiking – but in a kilt! Enjoy nature’s eye candy while listening to a mash up of Franz Ferdinand and some bagpipers.

When you get thirsty, have some whiskey. Take a tour in a distillery and, well, have some whiskey.

All whiskey jokes aside, Scotland is one of the most magical countries out there. It has everything – great cuisine, beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away, amazing architecture, fascinating history and wonderful people. You ought to be sober at least a little just so you can actually remember you trip later.