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The Most Magical European Christmas Markets Part 1


Photo credit: Depositphotos

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned Christmas market to get your holiday spirit game on. If you’ve been thinking about visiting a place you’ve never seen before during the holiday season, and you’ve got a thing for markets, then you best make sure to check out these magical Christmas markets in Europe until the holiday season ends.


The Fiera de Santa Lucia has been operating since 1786 and it has as much as 300 stalls, selling basically everything that screams out “Christmas!” You can purchase all kinds of gifts, handmade decorations, winter-wear items, etc. The festival is also a celebration of some Catalan Christmas traditions, so be prepared for wonderful parades, and “caganers” – bizarre characters that squat with trousers around their ankles. Hey, whatever floats your Christmas boat!


Unlike other festive markets on this list, the Brussels market is a baby.

However, the “Winter Wonders” market has become immensely popular thanks to its 240 stalls, toboggan slopes, ice rinks, and the most magical Ferris wheel completely covered in lights.

You can buy arts and crafts items (including decorations), food and drinks, clothing items, and basically anything under the holiday sun.


Known as the most diverse of all European markets, Hamburg’s Christmas market spreads all across the city, providing its customers different shopping areas for different things. The market is consisted of 15 smaller markets – some are for adults only, some are for specific types of gifts, luxury items, and decorations, while others offer food and drinks (including the famed cakes from Aachen bakers), etc.

The oldest part of the Hamburg market is based around the church of St Petri. More than 3 million people visit the market every year.

Vienna Schonnbrunn

The beautiful city of Vienna is proud to be the main centre for Christmas markets all around Europe. Similar to Hamburg, it offers a whole array of smaller markets which are hosted in and around the city.

The oldest one if the Old Market on Freyburg, and it dates back to 1772, while the most romantic one if held in front of the magnificent Schonnbrunn Palace, which was once owned by the Imperial family and is considered to be one of the most stunning Neo-classical palaces in the world.