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The Most Overrated Destinations In The World

Whether a destinations gains popularity or not depends on numerous factors, some of which are not always the most relevant. Although the world is filled with underrated destinations and attractions, there are some places that are simply disappointing.

Niagara Falls


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Niagara Falls are an interesting place to visit, if you live within a 200 mile radius.

Otherwise, you may be disappointed by the size of the town where you wish to spend a few nights, go out to dinner or catch a show.

The Falls are breathtaking, but you can see them on Google Earth without having to spend thousands of dollars to see them in person as there isn’t much to do around them.

Plan a trip that will include the Falls, don’t make the Falls the main attraction.

Las Vegas


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In a strange kind of sense, Las Vegas is similar to Niagara Falls in a way that the strip where you hope to have the time of your life is so small that it literally takes you 45 minutes to 1 hour to walk from one end to the other.

Although about 1 million people do live in Las Vegas, you don’t really see them as you’re on the strip where at times it feels like you are visiting a remote town of Middle of Nowhere, Nevada. Granted, most hotels are breathtaking on the inside and Las Vegas offers one of the most unforgettable shopping experiences in the world.



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When visiting Europe, most people hope to see old architecture, infrastructure and spirit. Except for old town Barcelona, the most popular attractions in the city are fairly new, dating back to mid-1850s and lack the old-world charm, or finishing touches, in some cases.

As for the latest developments, they seem to be stuck in the 1980s and 1990s, overrun by rapid advancements in construction and technology. So, with Barcelona’s true identity being ambiguous, some visitors may be disappointed by what it has to offer.

Before your next traveling adventure, talk to people with whom you relate on other matters to see which destinations they liked. The reasons why some place has gained enormous popularity may have nothing to do with the things you enjoy personally, so when planning your next trip, do your research thoroughly.