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The Secret Haven Of Sorrento


Photo credit: Depositphotos

The lives of most people on the planet are very busy ones. The fast pace of life is easy to get used to, but it can take quite a toll on us if we can’t take a break from all obligations, necessities, and chores.

That’s why each and every one of us needs to get away from the beehive that is life, and what better way to do that than to visit a small, quiet, and secluded town like Sorrento?

The Hidden Gem Of Italy

Located on the coast of the Gulf of Naples in southern Italy, Sorrento is perfectly positioned between Naples, Pompeii, Vesuvius, and the Isle of Capri. Thanks to its geographical attributes, this town is great place to stay at if you’re planning to tour around the country.

However, that’s not the only thing Sorrento has to offer, as it’s also the home of monuments, cathedrals, ports, and beautiful landscapes.

Staying in Sorrento has a fair price. You can find dorm rooms for about $25-30, while hostel rooms can go as high as $60 per night.

Since Italians take great pride in their cuisine, food is actually what you’ll spend most of your money on.

Pizzas go for around $10 here, while a full meal with drinks costs about $25. For those on a budget, we recommend grocery shopping for and cooking your own meals for $50 per week.

The Port Of Many Wonders

The town of Sorrento has been a touristic attraction for some time mostly due to its relation with some of the bigger, more popular destinations in Italy. However, this secluded place can do a lot more than serving as a base of operations.

Once you arrive there, the first thing you’ll want to see are all the historical sites. From the cathedral to the Covent di San Francesco, Sorrento has a lot to offer in terms of history and heritage.

When you start craving for relaxation, it’s time to check out the town’s harbor and ocean view. Visit Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, Sorrento’s two ports, or climb to one of many sea-cliffs around the town for the ultimate view of the ocean.

Finally, you can check out the famous Isle of Capri and its little sister Ischia. Both of these places offer enjoyment, with the latter forever being the less crowded one and the perfect spot for your getaway vacation.